DailyGammon Active Players

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Latest rated Id38547
Players rated Now12172
Players rated Then12131
Newly rated players 41
Active rated players 1439
Inactive rated players10733
Unrated players26375
Average rating Now 1725.69
Median rating Now 1745.37
Std dev rating Now 256.73
Average rating Then 1731.02
Median rating Then 1751.18
Std dev rating Then 255.38
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DailyGammon Active Players

This page is a version of the DailyGammon Players List with a few differences. The main one is the purpose of the page - it only shows players who are actively playing. Other differences are that the whole list is available at one time, rather than page by page, and there are various ways in which to select which players are shown.

The full table shows all of the players, currently about 1600, who have had a change in experience in the previous three months. The ratings and experience are shown from the most recently gathered set and the one captured at the start of the period. A third pair of columns shows the change between then and now.

Clicking on a column heading will sort the table by that column.


There is a set of filters above the table with which to select players to be shown. The filters are independent, that is, all the players found by any of the enabled filters will be displayed.

By name allows you to find particular players, most usually yourself. You can also add several people of interest (friends, rivals, your heroes in the top 20, team mates, etc).

By rank allows you to see players from various sections of the table. You can also set individual ranks to see what rating is required to reach that rank. For example, 1-25, 100 will show the top 25 players plus what it takes to get into the top 100.

By rating allows you to select particular bands of rating, say 2000-2400 or, more usually, a range from a bit above your rating to a bit below, with similar for one or more of your people of interest. You'll get to see the top players by default; like the DailyGammon page, the table is initially shown by rating, highest first.

By experience is for seeing who inhabits which band of experience values. You can also see the most prolific players if you sort the table by experience.

By user id can be used to select individual players, although you'd probably prefer to use By name, and also to see ranges of id. This filter alllows you to easily select the earliest players, the latest players, or any in an

The By name filter is special. When enabled then it will add matching players to the table. When not enabled it won't add any players to the table but it will highlight any matching players who appear in the table due to other filters. In this way you can, for instance, show the whole players list but have names of interest stand out as you scroll down.

The By id filter is also somewhat special. When this filter is enabled then there's an extra column in the table to show the ids. This applies even when no id has been specified; that is, you can show the id column by enabling a blank By id.

The filters may be hidden when not required. Any that are enabled will continue to function while hidden.

The filters which take numbers allow you to put in a single value or a range. A range consists of a lower value and an upper value separated by a hyphen. You can use a plus symbol, '+', to represent to the maximum.

When the second value is lower the first, such as happens when you are typing a range in, then the second value will be ignored until it is high enough.

Although the page remembers its settings between uses, you can also create a bookmark to reproduce a given view of the table using the filters that you've set up. There is a Permalink in the upper-right corner which can be right-clicked and the link then saved.

The page is updated every four hours. You may need to refresh the browser to get the latest ratings.


Monitoring your status

Put your name (or as much of it as is needed) into the By name filter. Look at your rating and put a suitable range into the By rating filter to show yourself in context.
Another way is to look at your experience and put that, plus and minus some amount, into the By rating filter. For example, 1865-1890 for someone with a rating of about 1875.
Someone experiencing a rise in rating, for instance a strong newcomer, will see themself moving up that block in due course.

Earliest players

Of the site's earliest players, eg. the first 250, how many are still playing and who are the big players, in terms of rating and/or experience?
Put 1-250 into the By id filter and you'll see that a fifth of the 250 are still active. If you then sort the table on the Experience column, you'll see who's been the busiest in all that time.

Most recent players

Put 29500+ in By id to see how many and which of the 250 most recent account starters have become rated players. This example is also shown with the By user id filter and will keep up to date.

Keep a list of friends

If you want a handy list of friends whose profiles you tend to access, add all of their names to By name. Ensure that all filters except that one are disabled. Next clear the page of clutter by hiding the filters. (You can re-open them when you need to edit your list). Finally, save the Permalink as a bookmark.
When you return to the page using that bookmark, you'll have a page showing just your friends. You may or may not be interested in the ratings but you'll have a list of their profile links.
(Naturally this will only work for friends who are active in rated matches)

Tournament Director's aid

If you're running a tournament and want a contact list of the players in it then the procedure given above for a friends list will provide a link for each group that you set up. Also, enabling the Id column can help you create a list of invitation links for your tourney spreadsheet or web page.


Put something like 20, 100, 500, 1000 in By rank to see what rating you need in order to get past each mile post.